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Game Information:
Developer - Edash
Publisher - Edash
Game Genre - Online Empire-Building
Game Mode - Phased Real Time, Persistent World
Released - Unknown
Latest Version - 2

Official WaveCatcher Site
The Ultimate Wavecatcher Tutorial and Information Page - By Kellinjar

Rating: Good

WaveCatcher is an interesting and unique online empire building and management game where you start out with a small group of people and attempt to transform it into a thriving nation. There are specific objectives set out depending on the scenario being played and they can provide some nice challenges. Those that like free-form play will be happy to know that meeting the scenario goals is totally optional.
The game is quite open-ended and you can focus on whatever you wish and to keep things interesting the game gets slightly harder as your nation ages, forcing the development of some interesting strategies lest your nation crumble to nothing.

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The main map where you interact with your nation the most. Get detailed information on where all your nations finances.
The objectives screen shows your progress and what still needs to be done. The in-game encyclopedia contains lots of useful info.

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